Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dodo Case

When I got home yesterday, something very special was waiting for me: My Dodo Ipad case, hand made in San Francisco by traditional book binders, had arrived. I chose 'Meadow' for the colour, added a camera hole, and had the words 'Anything Is Possible' embossed on the spine in gold. The child in me wanted the JK Rowling quote 'Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve', but it just wouldn't fit. In the end, I thought the simplified version was just as effective - A daily moral boost as the deadline for the completion of my novel looms ever closer. I love the way that it looks just like a fancy notebook, which I'm sure would be a definite deterrent for would-be-thieves if it were sticking out of your bag, ect. The small company is based in San Francisco, works with charities like Water Aid and is working hard to keep the traditional art of book binding alive. If you'd like a Dodo case for your Ipad, Kindle or Iphone, head here:
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